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Cosmetic tattoo is the ultimate way of achieving a superior and enhanced look for the eyebrows and lips that will last between 15-24 months. The time can vary depending on skin type, skin health, exposure to sun and reaction to the pigment used for the tattoo. 


At Mystical Beauty & Brow your desired look will come to life under the safe and master artist hands of our Principal Beautician who is an Australian trained and certified cosmetic tattoo artist and also a registered infection control expert. We believe it is very important to provide the highest level of quality and expert service as the tattoo will define your looks and will stay for a while. 



Microblading 1st session Ombrè/Powder Brows 1st session  Combination Brows 1st session

2nd session (4-8) weeks

499 499 549


Touch up

4-6 Months

7-12 Months

13-18 Months

200 300 400


Lip Blush/Lip Tattoo

Lip Blush Touch up

Dark Lip Neutralisation




Microblading strokes imitates the look of the natural eyebrow hairs. As eyebrows are a main feature of the face and can define overall looks, this procedure will be worthwhile and satisfying. It is less harsh than traditional tattooing as it does not penetrate too deep in the skin. 


This technique provides a more filled and shaded look similar to applying eyebrow powder. It has a more uniform look and will fade evenly overtime. 

Brows Combination

An expert artist uses a combination of microblading hair strokes and ombrè/powder shadowing to create a more 3D looking eyebrows. It lasts longer than microblading. 


It takes a dedicated expert to invest time and attention to achieve quality results every time. Many pigments to choose from to suit individual looks. All the dark edges will disappear to create an amazing uniform looking lips. Eliminates for regular makeup application.   

Clients considering getting this procedure done should consult our Principal Beautician for expert advice and general rules to be practiced before and after the procedure. 

Complimentary consultation

Cosmetic tattoo/microblading/lip tattoo
Cosmetic tattoo/microblading/lip tattoo
Cosmetic tattoo/microblading
Cosmetic tattoo/microblading
Cosmetic tattoo/microblading/lip tattoo
Cosmetic tattoo/microblading/lip tattoo
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